Best Healthy Restaurants in Boston (Vegan Options)

1. Life Alive

Life Alive is a mainly vegan (with the exception of eggs in a few dishes), health-focused cafe with a cozy, nicely decorated atmosphere. It is a great places to meet with friends or get some work done, as there is ample seating, including options like sofas, outlets for charging, and free WiFi. The food comes out extremely fast, and there is also a yoga studio connected to the cafe if you want to get in a workout. You can’t go wrong with any of their savory grain bowls and they also serve delicious salads, noodles, soups, smoothies, smoothie bowls, and juices. My favorite thing to order is the seasonal falafel bowl.

2. Mother Juice

Mother Juice serves healthy and all-vegan juices, smoothies, acai bowls, toasts, overnight oats, chia pudding, and salads. I especially love their salad bowls, which include a build-your-own option, because they are so fresh, filling, and flavorful.

3. Cocobeet

Cocobeet may have some of the best smoothie bowls I have had in my life. I especially love their pitaya bowl, which is blended with sunflower seed butter and homemade sunflower seed milk, then topped with an amazing seedy chocolate granola. You can really taste the quality of ingredients in their blends and they are not overly sweet. In addition to smoothie bowls and smoothies, they also offer vegan waffles and prepacked options such as juices, nut milks, raw desserts, and salads.

4. Juice Press

Juice Press is a chain juice and smoothie shop in Boston and New York with options ranging from protein smoothies, fruit-based smoothies, cold-pressed juices, and smoothie bowls. My go-to order is a green smoothie bowl topped with maple coconut flakes, almond butter, and frozen blueberries. They also sell a variety of grab-and-go items such as their delicious raw vanilla oatmeal.

5. Energize

Energize is another cafe that specializes in smoothies and smoothie bowls, juices, and salads, with the addition of roasts as well. Their salads are generously portioned, fresh, and nutritious, and offer build-your-own options with ingredients like goji berries, pine nuts, and walnut-basil dressing.

6. Revolution Health Kitchen

Revolution Health Kitchen is a small cafe on Newbury Street, famous for its shopping. Their all-vegan menu ranges from soups, salads, wraps, smoothies and smoothie bowls, juices, and oatmeal, among others. There is limited seating, however, so it’s best to take your food to go.

7. Red Lentil

Red Lentil is a vegan sit-down restaurant in Watertown with more gourmet options like the pistachio and coconut herb-encrusted tofu with corn cakes shown above. They also have a great brunch selection.

8. Double Zero

Double Zero is a vegan Italian restaurant that serves absolutely amazing vegan pizzas, ranging from a classic margherita with housemate cashew mozzarella to more creative seasonal options like a squash blossom pizza. They also have locations in New York, LA, Providence, and Baltimore.

8. Zhu Vegan Kitchen

Zhu Vegan Kitchen is an Asian restaurant with Chinese and Thai options like vegetable fried rice and stir fried eggplant and string beans.

9. Miznon

Miznon is a fast casual Mediterranean restaurant with the best whole-roasted cauliflower that is cooked to a perfectly tender texture. They also offer pita sandwiches with both vegetarian and omnivore fillings, as well as main plates like ratatouille and vegetable sides like roasted green beans and baked sweet potatoes.

10. Jugos

Jugos is a small smoothie and juice bar offering a wide range of superfood ingredients such as wheatgrass, Lucian, maca, and raw sugarcane. My go-to is the Sra Martinez smoothie bowl, which has a base of pitaya, cashew, lucuma, passion fruit, and coconut water, and topped with granola, blueberries, blackberries, cacao nibs, roasted coconut, cashews, and chocolate sunflower seed butter. They also offer a variety of Latin-inspired savory entrees.

11. Sarma

Sarma is a middle eastern fine dining restaurant in Somerville specializing in small plates. They have many flavorful and creative vegetarian options that rotate seasonally, such as Brussels sprouts bravas.

12. Myers and Chang

Myers and Chang is a Chinese fusion restaurant with tons of vegetarian options like edamame and wasabi dumplings and sweet and sour Brussels sprouts. The Mong’s market greens with fermented tofu and garlic is a delcious way to get in your greens as well.

13. Sumiao

Sumiao is a modernized Hunan (Chinese) fine dining restaurant that is great to go with a group of friends or family for family-style. While not vegetarian/vegan or even what you would consider to be “healthy”, the menu includes lots of options for these categories such as stir fried string bean with eggplant, cumin potato, and Chinese broccoli, and everything is very flavorful and well seasoned.

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